Do you know your TSS from your IF or the difference between your average power and normalised power.? 
Back in the day it was simple, mainly because we had no gadgets and triathlon sports science was in its infancy.  Our training methods consisted mainly of swimming, biking and running as fast as possible. Today, however we are inundated by adverts for amazing technology, surrounded by articles filled with training jargon and bombarded by social media experts!

However not all triathletes buy into this new world order of G&T……  No not gin and tonic but Gadgets and Technology. To explain let me introduce you to two of our clients let’s call them Sam and Dave.

Old School Sam: Sam is the type of person who is happy to simply put on their trainers and go for a run without the distraction of beeps and pings from their watch. Their swim kit consists of a costume or Speedos (often threadbare) wrapped in a towel along with well worn goggles.  When the coach ask’s them to evaluate a session the answer will be something like “it was fine.”   Phrases like Normalised Power, Training Stress Score or Functional Threshold result in them rushing out of the room suffering from a mild anxiety attack

Data Dave: Dave is all about the numbers, after a workout Dave can’t wait to download all the data to Garmin Connect, Training Peaks and Strava, then wait for the coach to innocently ask ” How did the session go”  An hour later every aspect of the training session has been discussed and evaluated in the greatest details. Ask Dave to complete a swim a session without wearing the latest Garmin watch and he will have a poolside paddy!

In our experience triathletes generally sit happily somewhere between these two extremes. Which is why we are delighted to announce that we are launching three new coaching packages for 2019.
Our unique, bespoke training plans still remain at the heart of all of these packages but we recognise that everyone is different and often require different levels of feedback and coach involvement.  We also understand that Data Dave needs to work with a coach who is able to interpretate, explain and then incorporate the wealth of information into his daily training. Which is the reason that the coach that Dave will be working with is a British Triathlon High Performance Level 3 Coach as well as a qualified Training Peaks practitioner.

To discover whether you are Sam or Dave and to find out more about these exciting new coaching offers click here.