Whilst some of us basked in the spring sunshine and got distracted by lambs frolicking on the Lancashire fells, others were demonstrating some early season good form. Including Dave -return to the fold – Marsh who finished an impressive 7th place at the Ribby Hall Triathlon. For those who don’t know Ribby Hall it is best describes as a toffs Centre Parcs with the run course tantamount to a public school boy game of knock-a-door run with competitors having to run up and down various avenues named “something view”

Further afield Emma Mephibosheth Flynn ( google it) recovery from Mondays injury to complete the Paris Marathon in under 4 hours. This is a fantastic achievement for someone not actually focusing on running a marathon. Testimony to the mantra that less can be more. Next stop Outlaw Half Ironman.

IMG_3662 2Well deserved!