Every now and again a piece of technology comes along which is a game changer. The iPod, Garmin, Spotify, Bluetooth and so on. I Think it’s fair to say that the traditional world of swim coaching has largely ignored the technological advances available.
Tonight, however I think it’s not an exaggeration to say that by using my latest coaching tech the potential to improve my swimmers technique has exploded. In my 1-1 session tonight I used a radio headset. This gives me the ability to speak to my swimmer as she was swimming, instantly giving feedback. With no need to wait till she reached the end of the lane, I could tell her exactly what I was seeing and correct her stroke as she swam. The progress she made wearing the waterproof headphone was astounding. I would estimate that the progress she made in 45 minutes would have taken at least 3 more 1-1 sessions.