Following what seems like forever Peak XV Triathletes have at last been able to don the neoprene, eat crazily early breakfast and experience the emotional highs and lows of racing. First to sample the delights of a chemical toilet were Nick and  Kerry, who were both racing at the North West Sprint Triathlon on Saturday 
For Nick, this was going to be a test of how much he has recovered after contracting Covid 19 in early March.  Whilst for Kerry this was her first ever triathlon.  Perfect weather and a fast course were the order of the day. 

In a field of 300 athletes Nick finish in 31st place overall. A great performance especially considering he missed several months of training thanks to Covid. Lots of positives to build on during the winter.
“I am buzzing… Loved it” was the feedback from Kerry, reminding us “Old hands” what a fantastic sport triathlon is. Kerry has the commitments and passion to see some big improvements over the off season.

Onto Sunday and Epicman events at Lake Windermere where Pete, Steve and Rob, were undertaking the middle distance event whilst Stephen and Connaire were racing at the standard distance.

At the time of writing the results for the middle distance event haven’t been published but early feedback was that it was a challenging course. This was summed up nicely by Connaire’s statement “Whoever planned that running route needs their ******* head examined”
Succinctly put indeed!  

With so many of our athletes competing last weekend race envy is spreading through the team and inspiring those heading to Nottingham next weekend to take part in Outlaw X.

Watch this space for updates on both results from this weekend’s Epicman and the forthcoming Outlaw X